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Year of Birth2022GenderGeldingSireCashpaidDamSuleika 525Dam SireRapsodieShare

Whatarelief PR, by Cashpaid out of Suleika 525, is a captivating bay colt with a delightful disposition and a wealth of charisma. He inherits a prestigious bloodline, with lineage tracing back to Stakkato, one of the worlds premier stallions. With such an impressive heritage, we have every confidence that Whatarelief PR will follow in his father’s illustrious footsteps, destined for greatness himself.

This spirited colt possesses an endearing blend of playfulness and intelligence. His impressive eyes seem to hold a world of wonder, and his gentle demeanor makes him a joy to be around. Whatarelief’s inquisitive nature is matched only by his quick wit, a combination that bodes well for his future training and development.