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Year of Birth2016GenderGeldingSireASB ConquistadorDamQroqant ZDam SireQuick StarShare

Meet Qonquistador PR, an exceptionally handsome gelding destined for greatness in the world of showjumping. Born out of the esteemed ASB Conquistador, a top grand prix and World Cup stallion known for his greatness in the arena, and with Qronqant Z as his dam—a superior junior jumper—Qonquistador PR embodies a pedigree of excellence.

Currently making waves in the vibrant equestrian scene of Florida, Qonquistador PR has showcased his skills in the demanding 1.20 and 1.30 classes throughout the 2024 show year. His performance reflects not only his innate talent but also the dedication and training invested in him.

As a rising star in the showjumping circuit, Qonquistador PR’s journey is one that captivates the imagination of those who appreciate equine excellence. With each stride, he confirms the promise embedded in his pedigree, leaving spectators and competitors alike eager to witness the heights he will undoubtedly reach.

Qonquistador PR’s story is one of ambition, skill, and the legacy of a distinguished bloodline. Keep a watchful eye on this remarkable colt as he continues to make his mark in the arena, promising an impressive future filled with triumphs and accolades. The equestrian world awaits the next chapter in the extraordinary journey of Qonquistador PR.