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Year of Birth2010BreedKWPNSireCaramboleDamBecyBelleDam SireSjapooShare

Fecybelle, a talented show jumping horse, boasts an impressive lineage, with Carambole as her sire and Becybelle as her dam. The combination of these bloodlines contributes to Fecybelle’s notable qualities in the arena.

Her sire Carambole is renowned for his success in show jumping, passing on traits such as athleticism, scope, and a strong jumping ability to his progeny. His genetic influence is likely a key factor in Fecybelle’s performance. 

Under the skilled guidance of rider Karl Cook, Fecybelle secured a first-place title in the prestigious $100,000 Voltaire Grand Prix. This achievement signifies the exceptional partnership between rider and horse, as well as Fecybelle’s prowess in navigating and excelling in high-stakes competitions.

This victory in a Grand Prix event reflects Fecybelle’s ability to perform at the highest levels of show jumping. Karl Cook and Fecybelle’s success in the $100,000 Voltaire Grand Prix underscores their competitiveness, skill, and the mare’s capability to navigate challenging courses.

Fecybelle has not entered retirement yet; she remains an integral part of our show team. However, she is also demonstrating her prowess as an exceptional broodmare, with several of her offspring making promising starts in their own careers.