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Year of Birth2021GenderMareSireASB ConquistadorDamGinaDam SireGiradelliShare

Vanity Fair PR, by ASB Conquistador and out of Gina, possesses a comprehensive package of qualities. Her lineage boasts impeccable bloodlines, and she shines with heart, talent, and a personality that stands out from the rest. This young filly is already displaying tremendous potential, setting high expectations for her future.

This bay filly is an absolute delight, cute as a “button”. Her sleek bay coat radiates health and vitality, and her youthful appearance is irresistibly charming. With her bight, expressive eyes, and endearing presence, she captures hearts wherever she goes. This filly’s adorable nature makes her a joy to be around, and her future holds the promise of continued cuteness and charm as she matures.