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Year of Birth2017GenderGeldingSireJonkheer ZDamFortuna di San MartinoDam SireFor PleasureShare

Introducing Replica PR, a remarkable colt whose journey in the equestrian world has been nothing short of extraordinary. Born with a natural flair for excellence, Replica PR made his mark early on as a high-scoring colt in the 2017 BPW Keuring, earning an impressive score of 83.

This young sensation boasts an exceptional blend of qualities, characterized by impeccable balance, unwavering athleticism, and a captivating personality that sets him apart. Sired by the illustrious World Cup showjumping stallion Jonkheer Z and out of the distinguished Elite mare Fortuna di San Martino, who herself is descended from the legendary For Pleasure, Replica PR is a testament to an impeccable lineage that speaks volumes about his genetic greatness.

The year 2023 saw Replica PR flourishing in the demanding 1.30m classes, showcasing his skills and determination in the arena. As the year unfolded, he proved his greatness, leaving a trail of success in his wake. The anticipation for what lies ahead in 2024 is undeniable, as we eagerly await the continued rise of this exceptional young gelding.

Beyond the arena, Replica PR has woven himself into the hearts of those who have had the privilege of working with him. His spirited nature and undeniable charm create a unique bond that goes beyond the show ring. It is with genuine excitement and confidence that we declare Replica PR as one to watch in the years to come. As he continues to evolve and refine his craft, there is no doubt that this extraordinary horse will leave an incredible mark on the world of equestrian sports. Keep a close eye on Replica PR – a rising star destined for greatness.